• B727 Training

Boeing 727 Aircraft Training

Top of the B727 Aviation Industry

We are a small, specialized Aviation Training School committed to providing in-depth, flexible crew and pilot training solutions. We are committed to exceeding your pilot training requirements and delivering a cost effective personal approach to aviation training.

What Sets Us Apart in the Boeing 727 World

  • Our training is second to none, diverse and thorough.
  • Our instructors are the most qualified B727 instructors in the industry.
  • Our classrooms are state of the art.
  • Our Class C B727 Simulator offers realistic flight conditions and scenarios while maintaining critical safety standards.
  • Our prices are very competitive.

What International Airlines Services, LLC Can Do For You

  • We have the capability to offer a full spectrum of training, recurrent to a type rating.
  • We have more specialty courses than most Boeing 727 Airline Training Centers.
  • As an approved FAA training center, we can function as your Flight Training Department giving you a fully trained and certified crew faster and more efficiently.
  • In addition to pilot training, we offer a complete flight attendant training program to meet all your airline needs.

Boeing 727 Training Tailored to Meet Aviation Regulations

Our B727 training covers a broad spectrum of aircraft users under FAA Regulations to ensure a good fit for you or your airline company.

We serve the needs of airlines operating under Part 121, and for private operators under Part 91 and Part 125.

We also offer training for individuals seeking pilot certification training in the B727 under 14 CFR Part 61.

International Airlines Services, LLC is an FAA Certified 142 Training Center, certificate #U41X062K. We are located at the Sanford International Airport in Sanford, Florida, about 30 miles north of Orlando.