• B727 Training

International Students/TSA

Foreign (Non-US) Citizen students

All foreign pilots must first apply with the TSA.  Please visit the their website



 Note: You will either be a Category 1 ,2, or 4. Category 4 is for recurrent     training. Normally we can get you approved in about 24 hours if you are coming for recurrent training.  Category 1 and 2 is for initial training on the B727. TSA approval for this category usually takes several weeks.

The following activities do not require a Category 4 submission:

  • Instrument Proficiency Check (Part 61.57)
  • Line Oriented Flight Training  (LOFT)
  • Landing Currency  (Part 61.57)


FAA license validation based on foreign license

To apply for an FAA license validation based on your foreign ICAO license

download this form. link to form to be added

Compete and fax the form to the FAA Airman Certification Branch at

405 954 9922

Please include the following

Passport, Medical, Pilots License

The FSDO branch you will apply to is Orlando North Florida FSDO


5950 Hazeltine National Drive,Ste # 500

Orlando, Fl  32822-5023